Café Columna opened its doors in November 2015, directly across from Columna Restaurant, in perfect harmony with the concept of the restaurant in terms of its location, design and outstanding offer of food and drink. The café is located in such a way that guests always have it right at hand – directly across from Columna Restaurant, making the transition from great lunch to delicious coffee and something sweet almost seamless.


The right place ...

Choosing the right place for a business meeting or a get-together with friends over a good cup of coffee in pleasant, modern surroundings and close to where you work is not always that simple a task. Here, however, we have managed to create just such a place. Our main goal is to provide each and every guest with a top-quality culinary experience, which is why we always carefully choose only quality and fresh ingredients.

Always something more ...

Our popular breakfasts have moved across the road to the coffee bar, where you can also order from a stable selection of meals and drinks, accompanied by the weekly specials that we regularly publish on Facebook and on our website. Café Columna always tries to accompany the specials served at the restaurant, with the regular assortment enriched with an extra flavour of coffee and a special drink every month.

  • Modern, design surroundings.
  • Pleasant staff.
  • Choice coffee.
  • Homemade products made using top-quality ingredients.
  • A wide selection of breakfast dishes.
  • The option of ordering our products for your business meeting.
  • Free WiFi.
  • The option of using our premises for private functions.
  • Summer garden.

Not just coffee

The key to a functioning café is naturally the quality of the coffee, which is prepared here to the highest standards of coffee culture. To make sure of the perfect coffee experience, we serve Nespresso coffee, with the most delicate aroma of Grand Crus green coffee beans. And because the experts at Nespresso only choose coffee from the "Gourmet" class, meaning a mere 10 % of global coffee production, you can be sure of the highest quality and a choice of 11 kinds of coffee blends, each mixed in a different way.


something for everyone

We at Café Columna try to make sure that each and every person that comes here is happy. We do the very same, however, for larger groups or big companies, meaning that we have a year-round take-away menu for breakfasts, which can be ordered using our online form and then savoured at your business meeting, perhaps.